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THIS IS THE BEST! HOLY SHIT FUCK! Some douche voted less than 3 though... what a douche... seriously though this is AMAZING! Good job man!

mrpibbs1 responds:


Holy shit!

This is amazing man! This shouldn't be on NG! Are you sure you made this? Did you make this with an actual symphony or FL Studio or what? This sounds awesome and could easily be in a new Zelda game!

Setu-Firestorm responds:

It was made on Nuendo using the VSTi called Edirol Orchestral. This piece was done for the Hero of Time film that BMB Finishes did and released just this month.

You can go to www.theherooftime.com to check out more details along with where you can see the movie.

Thanks for the feedback. It is greatly appreciated. =)

...and yes, I made this. =p

This is excellent man

Still needs to be louder though! Also, I don't know if you noticed this but this has already been used in 1 Entry. Which is strange to me since you just submitted it. Anyways keep up the good work and all that jazz. Also, me and Lucifer will be heading to your abode today. Pittywurp and see you then!

mrpibbs1 responds:

Oh yeah you should watch that entry that used my song it's pretty amazing. Mind blowing quality I say.

I would fuck that song

That's how good it was. It's pretty obvious that it was inspired by Silent Hill 2 as it sounds EXACTLY LIKE IT! This is good man keep it up!

lanky21 responds:

Best review ever: "I would fuck that song". Does that quote need to be on a T-shirt? I would like to think so.

I Just Nostalgia'd Myself

That was pretty excellent man! It's got this nostalgic thing going on with it. It sounds really N64 and early PS2ish. The first things that came to mind were LoZ:OoT and Dark Cloud. Keep up the good work man!

This Sounds Excellent Man!

Seriously! Sounds like the background music to some 90's TV show involving MUUUUUUUURDER and aliens! I pictured a guy in super dark sunglasses looking at a corpse in the middle of a well-lit, suburban house hold, bending over on one knee to get a closer look at the corpse which is just totally fucking gory (huge dents, missing limbs, gtorn flesh, skinless bloody face, etc.)

This is really good man!

Sounds really professional man! Like it could be the soundtrack to something or I don't know. Not really my type of music but it's rare you find something this high quality in the Audio Portal! I'd like to hear some more of your stuff man and I will... when I finish this review and click on the audio tab on your profile... which is now...

MadFLeX responds:

thanks for the nice words! i just started uploading stuff, but i'll get some more on there real soon!

That was pretty good man!

I didn't like the title too much though. I don't think it fits too well, but hey that's just my opinion (That's not why I gave it an 8 instead of 10 by the way). I gave it an 8/10 because I liked the song but I didn't love it (I know it's a WIP). Anyways, it sounds good! I think the synth that came in at around 00:46 sounds wet, like REALLY WET! So, that annoyed me but other than that it was good!

15thDimension responds:

yeah there ALOT of room for improvement, which will take place in the final version, but thanks for the review.


Is what this is

seanofah4 responds:

excellent, is what your rating is

Really cool man

It seems like it would be a really good song for a credits sequence in a game. One involving space, or something else really big and open. Especially a game with a really depressing ending. For some reason it reminds me of Yume Nikki

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